When Is It Legal to Light Fireworks in Utah

The city issued an ordinance this year banning fireworks: Fireworks are limited in its neighborhood because of their proximity to canyons north of Salt Lake City, which are covered in dry grass in the summer. Jarvis said he misses setting off his own fireworks and his son is “very disappointed” every year, but he agrees with the decision. The city allows exceptions to fireworks for its western and eastern parts. An interactive map showing where the restrictions are can be found here. No border restrictions, but all aerial fireworks are banned within city limits this year. A recent Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll found that more than a third of Utahns say government agencies should be the only ones allowed to set off fireworks, and a quarter say fireworks shouldn`t be used at all. Evans believes that for some fireworks – especially antennas and other highly visible and explosive variants – have become too central to celebrate the fourth of July. Still, he doesn`t see much risk in lighting a few small fountains or candles on the street — so he wants to celebrate next week. Fireworks are generally not allowed in the northern and southwestern boundaries of the city.

Officials have released this map, which better shows where fireworks are allowed and restricted. Fireworks are legal, except in the southwest areas of the city. This includes zones: Fireworks are only legal from Cooley Street to Matthews Lane/Booth Street from Clark Street to Durfee Street in downtown, as well as Anderson Ranch in Grantsville. Consumer retail fireworks and fireworks not designated as Class C dangerous explosives. The city also allows fireworks at The Canyons Complex, The Fields at Little Valley, as well as 1100 East, 2450 East, Centennial, Cox, Dixie Downs, Firehouse, JC Snow, Middleton, Sandtown, Shadow Mountain, Silkwood, Sunset and Vernon Worthen. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you`re participating in patriotic celebrations throughout the summer, according to the Department of Public Safety: While they`re allowed west of these locations, Provo officials said they`d prefer residents to set off any fireworks in parks designated for fireworks this year. These include: Carterville, Exchange, Franklin, Fort Utah, Kiwanis, Lakeview, Maeser, Provost, Riverview, Rotary, Sertoma, Spring Creek and Sunset Parks. SALT LAKE CITY is the time of year when the red glow of rockets is fired overhead, when Utah and the country celebrate the fourth of July, but there are restrictions on when and where fun can take place in 2022. Some of the state`s largest areas, such as Salt Lake County, have restricted areas where fireworks can be set off, with most foothills, benches, and mountains being no-go zones. Places like Park City have banned all fireworks during the Fourth of July holidays this year due to the high risk in dry conditions. The list of holiday events and fireworks shows in Utah`s Kanab culture is such that many seem put off by being asked to restrict the use of fireworks, she said, but even that has changed slightly as the drought has worsened.

Utah law allows personal fireworks to be launched July 2-5 and July 22-25 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and until midnight on the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day holidays. But communities have the capacity to set the constraints they deem most appropriate. Fireworks are prohibited in all areas east of U.S. Route 89. Aerial fireworks are prohibited in most areas west of Highway 89 to Church Street, from the northern limits of the city to Cherry Lane. North of Cherry Lane, from Church Street to 2050 East, passing through the southern boundary (there is no section of road crossing any part of the country). Fireworks are banned in most areas east of Canyon Road, as is a mix of aerial fireworks bans and bans on all types of fireworks for most parts of the city north of Cedar Hills Drive. No restrictions within Morgan City`s borders, but fireworks are prohibited everywhere else in the surrounding county. A map of restrictions can be found here, As central as fireworks are to the summer holiday celebration, many Utahns already live in off-limits places due to the high risk of wildfires. Personal fireworks were a staple around the fourth for Zachariah Jarvis until he moved to Bountiful`s east bank three years ago.

While fireworks can be fired at the right time, you can still face a fine of up to $1,000 if you illegally light fireworks. A full restrictions map can be found here. The city will also allow and recommend personal fireworks at Olympic, Sage Vist, Veterans Ballpark and Sports parks. Fireworks are prohibited on all state and federal property, such as state and state parks, as well as lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management Land, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. Governor Spencer Cox also issued an executive order banning fireworks on all unincorporated property, both public and private. “It`s a bit of a shame, it`s a bit sad,” he said. “We love doing them, but I just feel like it`s a bit irresponsible right now. It`s a difficult thing to deal with. It`s worth noting that many communities that will allow personal fireworks in 2021 are still encouraging residents to skip them this year.