Who Is Ponyboy`s Legal Guardian

He shows that he is like a parent, all alone, even though he is only 20 years old. Darry is a very good older brother. It must be really difficult for him to work and take care of his brothers. He shows a lot of courage and does a great job as a tutor. How many more 20-year-olds could do that? Most of the other 20-year-olds are in college, having fun, hanging out with friends or studying. But Darry threw away his dreams so that Ponyboy`s dreams could be realized. My sister is older and I know she could never do what Darry does. That`s why I really admire Darry as a person. I wish I had a brother like him! 2) I hate people who “abuse” their authority over others, but Darry hesitates between conflicting roles – being a brother and being a father; Be a friend and a caretaker. He`s already an emotionally protected character, and it`s not just an attempt to reconcile those roles, which made him rock. Not to mention that Darry translates fear into frustration and worry into anger because he doesn`t know how to convey those emotions to the pony boy in the same way he could have if he were JUST his brother. Give the guy a fucking break.

Ponyboy is a fourteen-year-old Greaser who lives with his two older brothers, Sodapop and Darry, on the lower class east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His parents died in a car accident just eight months before The Outsiders. Like Sodapop, Ponyboy is in Darry`s legal custody and must avoid trouble to stay with him. He gets good grades in school and is an excellent athlete, but he befriends the local hoods, his group of gressors consisting of him, his brothers Soda and Darry, Steve Randle, Johnny Cade, Dally Winston and Two-Bit Mathews. At the beginning of the story, he hates the Socs because they hate him, but his perspective on them changes at the end of the story. Darrel (Darry) Shayne Curtis The 20-year-old brother and guardian of Ponyboy and Soda. He works too hard and too long and would be in college if life had been different. Darry has tremendous physical strength that makes him very proud as it sets him apart from other gressors and helps him in the construction industry.

“Darry loved anything that required strength, like lifting weights or playing football or in the attic… (133). It also shows that strength is a big part of his life. His strength also comes into play when the Socs attempt to start a fight with the Greasers. Darry is very protective of his brothers, especially Ponyboy, because Darry wants Ponyboy to get a good education and go to college. He doesn`t want Pony to live in a bad neighborhood all his life. Darry is a good goalkeeper; He makes me study and knows where I am and with whom I am all the time” (165). Since Darry is the only goalkeeper, he is very strict, which is good because it helps keep Pony out of trouble. Darry shows that he is a responsible person by taking Pony to the doctor after having nightmares about the death of his parents. As Pony says, “Darry has taken me to a doctor quite often.” (110) Darry also stays home with Ponyboy after Pony falls ill from the rumbling. Darry also supports his brothers financially. He supports them with food, water, clothing and shelter. Darry is the pony`s legal guardian.

Whether he likes it or not, he is. He abused his position of power when he hit butt butts, plain and simple. It was a gross and abusive act, and people who apologize for it make me sick. Pony faints and falls ill for an entire week, attending a court hearing on Darry`s guardianship. It is decided that Pony will stay with Darry. At school, his English teacher Mr. Syme tells Pony that he swears, which gives him the opportunity to write a topic based on the events of the past few weeks to pass class with a C. This theme turns out to be the story that becomes The Outsiders, and it begins with: “When I stepped into the sunlight, I had only two things on my mind – Paul Newman and a homecoming. Ponyboy Curtis is a 14-year-old boy whose world has been turned upside down. His parents were killed in a car accident just eight months before The Outsiders story.

He lives with his older brother Darry, who is 20 and has custody of him, and his other brother, Sodapop, who is 16. Sherri (Cherry) Valance A cheerleader and Bob`s girlfriend, the Soc who is killed. Cherry and Ponyboy meet at the drive-in and become friends. Cherry is attracted to Dally and becomes a spy for the greasers. Bob Sheldon The Soc, who first attacked Johnny and then attacked Johnny and Pony in the park. Johnny Cade kills Bob during an altercation when Socs attempt to drown Ponyboy. Darry characterizes Ponyboy as a lack of common sense. Ponyboy agrees with this assessment. He`s smart at school, but sometimes he just doesn`t think well. These opportunities put Ponyboy in trouble that he could avoid.

This aspect of his character develops to maturity throughout the story. He is quite calm (but not as much as Johnny) and only opens up to a few people, these are the other gressors and Cherry Valance. Cherry Valance describes Ponyboy as sweet and dreamy, much to Ponyboy`s delight. He is more compassionate than some of the other greasers, takes pity and even sympathizes with the Socs several times in the novel, questioning the purpose of the struggle between the two social classes. He is also willing to help others, as he shows when he runs into the burning church to save schoolchildren, or when he picks up pieces of broken glass bottles from the floor so that a car does not receive a flat tire.