Yale Law Library Exams

The library`s collection contains books on structure, exam preparation strategies, essay examination techniques (RAIC and others), stress reduction and time management, which can be found in the reference collection on L3 and L5 (mark area KF 283). Some of the most popular titles are: Describing Exam Pass, A How-to Guide to Writing Law School Writing Exams, The Eight Secrets to Best Law School Exam Performance, and Uncompromising Advice from a Grumpy Law Professor. Many professors have downloaded previous exams that students can use as learning aids. The Law Library maintains a permanent record of examinations taken for students. The decision to include previous examinations in the file rests with the faculty member. To provide exams, please contact Julian Aiken at the library. Good luck! Your Lillian Goldman Law Library lawlib.admin@yale.edu Did you know that the Law Library makes many of your professors` previous exams accessible as learning tools? To reschedule an exam, complete the Request to Change the Time of the Exam form. Exams are usually postponed only for family or medical emergencies, three exams scheduled in three days or two exams scheduled on the same day. Yale Law School students can access these exams from our Morris catalog. Exams are nearby and the law library has a variety of resources to help you. In addition to books, here are some other resources we recommend – Professor John Langbein, Writing Law Examinations – What Makes a Good Law School Exam Answer? Law professors speak out (Wall Street Journal) If the exam is scored anonymously, don`t include your name on the exam answers. Non-native speakers should read the extended time policy in the YLS newsletter before completing the extended exam time request.

Students must identify themselves either by the assigned exam ID or by name. 5. Then click on the link to view the current PDF of the previous exam For more information about the final exam, visit YLS:Races by clicking on Semester Calendar. For more details on the exam, see the detailed course description on YLS:Courses. If you have any other questions, please contact the YLS Registrar`s Office. 4. Find and click on the link of the previous exam you want to access Law school exams are given for a period (usually two weeks) at the end of the semester. The Office of the Registrar manages all examinations. Do not contact the instructor. The following information is intended to provide an overview. Exam questions may be available online (via YLS:Exams) or exam questions may only be available on YLS (answers only). If you don`t have time to read books and articles, CALI offers a three-part podcast series where professors discuss “exam skills, plans, and tips for law students” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

If you are not yet registered with CALI, please email a librarian or drop by the reference desk.